Write, instead of think/talk..

I’ve spend many days talking about how I feel. Glancing through pingback of Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence:”The sound of … | How to write a memo”, an idea popped into my mind.

Some people spend their days talking about their thought/feeling. For some of us, it’s hard to analyze our own feeling when we think/talk about it as we might tend to get into vicious cycle, where our thought/talk bring us to more branches of possibilities without structured framework. Some may even arrive back at the start of their opening thought/talk. We may conclude that we’re lost when we’re in that situation.

Now, how if we try writing our thought, instead of just thinking/talking about it? Will we be able to structure our own thinking and eventually avoid the vicious cycle of thinking process?


11 thoughts on “Write, instead of think/talk..

  1. Now I have to say I did have to stop and run that through my head a few times until the flow of your point became apparent – quite a talent you have there to make a point both in word and format…Well done I’m going to have a little hunt around your blog to read some more of your thoughts.


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