No Regret

“… They say just grow up, but they don’t know us. We don’t give a f**k, and we’re never gonna change …” This part of Avril Lavigne song is still playing in my head..

The lyrics reminds me of the times I had not pushed myself enough to pass through the voices, the voices in my mind that were built from the experiences I’ve had (read my previous post: Stop and Be Still).

How many times have you surrendered to the conditions you are in, to follow the environment even if you don’t feel right? How many times have you fought back and stand your ground?

We only live once. Of course we do not want to waste it by doing something most people (or more adult) think is silly/useless. But, isn’t not-following our own original voice the biggest waste, that we live that life although we are not in-sync with it? It would have been better to fall times and times again in our own life, the one we choose, the one we live with no regret.

So, be BOLD, do what your heart asks you to do. Be your true best-self. Let’s live together with no regret!


4 thoughts on “No Regret

  1. I agree – it is easy to go with the flow at least it seems that way but later on it is those moments that can hold the greatest shame or regret and leave us with scars that are not easy to live with. Going against the grain of popular opinion requires means risking isolation and there are times it will prove to be the wrong thing to do but those as you say, ‘experiences’ give us more than we imagine while not doing it can take from us something vital.

    Thank you for your words – it is always good to be reminded that however hard it is just to be yourself it is harder to hide who you are behind a mask of polite social fiction.


    1. Indeed.. the easiest and most convenience choices at that time might turn into the things blocking us from our real will.. And living life behind a mask is no easy task..
      No matter how far we’ve gone in the wrong direction, making a turn towards what our heart wants is never too late:)


  2. I think it takes some of us a while to gather the courage to go after what we really want from life and that’s okay. Fear made me not pursue my dreams for too long. It turned into just an idea I would protect rather than a skill I would go onto nurture and grow. I don’t have regrets as I believe we all have journey’s to take toward our goals, some longer than others.

    Great blog David.


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