Do It Everyday?

Whether you’re planning to write journal, or read a book, or just exercising, DO IT ROUTINELY.

Have you ever had hard times when it comes to regularly hitting the gym or picking up your notebook and write?

If yes, perhaps it happens because we are not accustomed to that particular activity, that we have not made the habit of doing it religiously. In her post Best Advice: Make a Habit of Something Every DayGretchen Rubin share the best advice she ever got: “You should write practically every day.”

When I read her post, I wonder if there are things that I might have left just because I have not mastered it, or things that I do not pursue because I am not good at it.

We want to live with No Regret, so let’s get to know ourselves and then pursue our list of goal(s). Do it regularly, daily if applicable, and give it some time. If it turns out to be our passion, great! If it does not, even greater! Next experiences to get ourselves into!

Some would say that we don’t have enough time to do all the thing we have to and would love to do. Well, we don’t. But, we can choose to do what matters to us, those particular activities that will help us become closer to achieving our goal(s).

Oh, if you’re planning to make eating fatty burger daily, be sure to balance it with some work out. Or simply change it to less fat burger?


In response to Weekly Writing Challenge: Object (the object I used here is our daily activities)


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