Top of Mind – Gut Feeling

Kindly answer these questions (in your mind):
Q: What is your favorite color?
A: …

Q: Who is your closest friend?
A: …

Q: What do you want to do in your leisure time?
A: …

Is it easy for you to answer those questions? It would be, if you answer it spontaneously.
Usually, there will be one object that pops into our mind firstly, leaving all other things behind, things that catch up with it after we give the question more thought. Our top of our mind’s answer to the question usually reflects our tendency towards particular issue at hand.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine who is working in a consulting company asked what he should choose from the three options in front of him – continue working as a consultant, or join a start-up company and help develop the business, or join a transformation project aimed to restructure a national company. He has done the pros – cons analysis of all three options. The first one will give him more experience/exposure, although he does not quite like the field he’s going to be assigned into. The second gives him the opportunity to know more about raising a relatively small company, but does not provide the prestige that the consulting firm might give in his CV. The third options, if successful, will prove his capacity of change management, with the barriers is the political aspect which often exists in conventional company.

What do you think he should choose? Which option will you numbered as no. 1, 2, and 3?
 …
 …
 …

The way we numbered it shows our tendencies. The gut feeling is telling us to embrace the one that we will more likely enjoy. My friend also has his own tendency, to choose the one that aligns with his long term objective (although he said that he’s open to all).

Now, why do we start ignoring our gut feeling and letting our brain take over, in the expense of our heart suffering because we do not choose the real path that our heart tells us to?

Have the physical and rational things take over our feelings?

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