My 20-minute take on daily life

A dozens of activities need to be done in work, personal, and also social life. But, how do we prioritize? How do we manage our schedule into our limited and valuable time?

From those three areas mentioned above, I would say that our work life will take most of our time. We need to attend to our work needs, to fulfill our responsibilities and to ensure that we learn something from it. Personally, I would also say that we attend to our work to help others’ tasks. However, it would not only be 9-to-5-Monday-to-Friday routine. It might also be what we do spending our time in the evening / morning, preparing for our day to come. From the 16 hours most of us spend awake, it is already more than 50%.

We attend to our personal life because we, simply put, are people. We have our personal goals in life, either about our health, our family, our environment, our career, our ambitions, or even our legacy. Fortunately, for us who are doing our passion as our work, then it also means we are preparing for our personal life to be better in our career, for our family, for our environment, and / or for our ambitions/legacy. Aside from that, we also would need to be hugging our families, telephoning our parents / siblings / children if they live far away. We might also need to get on our swimming suits, our jogging shoes, or hitting the gym.

Then, we might have some spare time to tune in to our social circle and the social media. We spend time hanging out with friends, catching up with others, following on what others’ are currently interested in, ‘updating’ ourselves. We want to be connected, physically and/or emotionally. After all, we are social beings, living not only on ourselves but also on others’.

Now, how should we prioritize and manage our life, so we do not miss on all the areas? There is no one-fits-all formula for us as we are people with different values, of different cultures and hobbies. What we should always remind ourselves is that we must not lose ourselves in the life. We must remember what we genuinely want to do in life, for ourselves and hopefully for the world around us. As Einstein put it, “Life isn’t worth living, unless it is lived for someone else.”


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