A Boy and The Lesson from his Memory

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty-Word Inspiration


Every once a while, his mind wanders far away to the past; a place where none exists physically any more, yet remains. All the little matters, the looks, the sound, the feelings, might still occupy his mind. A memory only, yet feels so real.

Things are not the same any more. The street he lived in has changed much; the houses have been rebuilt, the old man used to sitting on his porch is gone, the sound of granny calling his grandson is no more.

I would ask, “Why keeping on recalling your past?” and he would innocently say, “It reminds me of the people I care about, the emotions I have ever had”.


Things are not always good. Things are also not always bad. Can we say that how and to which we choose our focus is what will differentiate us from the other “us” that we might be, had we focus on different things?