About David and His Blog


David studied architecture. He loves how environment is considered when buildings are planned. He love commenting on those beautiful (or not so beautiful) and meaningful creations of human imagination and knowledge.

He used (and still improving) the thinking style he got in architecture of how everything is connected between each other when he worked as Management Trainee in Nestle. Perhaps too much that he’s a bit too detailed.

In current chapter of life, David is assuming a role in Human Capital or People Ops function, specifically in People Development and Employee Relations. It is an area of his interest since years ago, but not taken considering many internal and external factor. Now, he is trying to pursue his dream of becoming the trusted and enabling guy, one that sees the good in every person (and also say it out).

His long term dream is still in the process of making, but he can see himself taking another degree in behavioral sciences, to learn how people really act and how we can improve.



This blog is started when David is struggling to find his path. Although he is more certain of his path now, he believes that the lessons he get, either from direct experiences, books, or articles, is beneficial for human development and human humanization. Therefore, this blog will mostly be about how we as people should be more humane and also the better self.


Find me at my linkedin or twitter.


2 thoughts on “About David and His Blog

  1. Hi David. I believe I saw you in ‘the pool’ the other day. So, here’s the feedback.
    In blogging, we bloggers usually use the ‘About’ page to tell a little bit about ourselves and the blog–so the readers would have some pretty good idea what the blog is all about. Good luck. 🙂


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