So, how many times have you criticized someone today?

Hi guys,

Initially, I would like to ask, “How many times have you praised someone today?”, but it might be difficult for some of us to answer. So, I change it to easier question: “How many times have you praised criticized someone today?”

I noticed that some people tend to take some aspects of their life for granted. Some might forget to say thanks to an office boy helping them, because they think it is his job to help them. Some might think that they can live by themselves and, thus, forget to show our gratitude to our parents/family/friends. Some others might feel grateful towards others, but never say it out (which is good for themselves, but not for the many people they feel grateful to).

For many of us, it is easier to condemn, criticize, or find fault in others than to praise (is it due to the “criticizing/blaming = saving our own ass, while praising = putting us behind/lower than the praise receiver” mind set?). A simple exercise that I did was noting in my mind whenever I said, or even think, bad of others. The result : I needed many blank sheets in my mind.*

How about you?


*note: that is not to say that I am a bad person. I am a person with self-awareness and have been practicing gratefulness and positivism. In a few cases, I might have gone too far in defending the “topic” with my “hey, everyone is good people!” approach. LOL

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